Shark Marketing Operations Management

Business strategy helps a company achieve its goals .It engages in multiple decision making and operations to achieve competitive advantage to ensure a cutting-edge profitability and sustainable growth.

Business strategy included are bellow:

1.Mission:A businessman starts his business mission with strategy .The future position of the company is determined by which one will be better and move forward through strategy.

2.Ecology Analysis :Understanding the external environment is important for a trader’s strategy .This includes identifying competitors, understanding market conditions, and understanding financial and social conditions.

3.Intantion Setting :Business analysis leads with an intention about its business.

4.Ambitions Positioning :Business stategy determines how to differentiate from the ambitious and provide total value to customers.

5.Target Marketing :Business studies identify specific segments in the market and understand serving preferences.

6.Benefit Stategy:Looking at the company’s offerings and advantages and disadvantages compared to competitors.

7.Economic planing:Make it financially viable by supporting strategic objectives.

8.Stategic Initiatives:Product development through strategy should include partial responsibility for mergers and acquisitions etc.

9.Probability :Confirms uncertain forecasts through preemptive strategies.

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